Invest in Hangers That Multi-Task

If you’re tight on hanging space, buy specialized storage hangers for pants. They’re shaped like a series of S’s and they have four or five bars across. You can put a pair of pants on each bar, so you’re swapping out five hangers for one.

These hangers exist in several different materials. Be careful to look for sturdy metal ones. This won’t cheapen your look and they’ll be able to hold the weight of several pairs of pants.

Add Shelves…If Your Wardrobe Calls for It

Shelves can be a space-saver and they can also help your clothes last longer. If you have a large amount of sweaters, bags, and shoes, install a shelving unit to hold them.

Make sure you get shelves that fit your wardrobe, however. If you have all hanging clothes except for two or three sweaters, don’t install a full column of shelves.

Embrace Baskets or Containers for Small Items

One of the biggest challenges to organizing a closet it finding space for collections of small items. You can do this by investing in baskets or other high-end containers. These are great for costume jewelry, clutches, and other small items. We buy houses in Largo Florida

To keep a luxury look, stick with matching containers. Make sure it’s clear that you’ve made intentional style choices rather than cramming in an assortment of boxes.

Go Through Your Sock and Underwear Drawers

Some of the areas in our homes with the most unnecessary clutter are our sock drawers and underwear drawers. For most of us, when we pull out a sock and see that it has a hole, we stick it back in the drawer because we’re in a hurry to get out the door. That adds up to loads of unusable items.

Take the time to go through your drawers and toss any damaged or matchless items. This may allow you to make room for other items in these drawers.

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